New Dada work 461; My Beautiful Carwash

My Beautiful Carwash

c. Michael St.Mark 2010

Free 5 min hypnotically kaleidoscopic random soap sud and water display on glass. And you get your  A to B device clean.
Dada is ubiquitous


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2 thoughts on “New Dada work 461; My Beautiful Carwash

  1. definately hypnotic! close up it’s like the fingerprint from a giants finger! Good way to wash away the muck and grunge of this puerile society from your life (and vehicle)although centuries of grime, corruption,sexual degredation, suppression of the masses through police violence at peaceful demonstrations etc, etc would take much much longer than the time it takes for a carwash!


    • Free accidental art is to be had everywhere if one looks out for it. The early Dadaists used random chance to produce many works, even as elementary as the arrangement that torn up pieces of paper made after being let fall on the floor. Next up may as well post another interesting example I took last year on the same theme… unintended or unconscious art.
      Re’ condition of the masses; a lot don’t give it a thought/give a toss! – most on autopilot to screw life to the max for what they can get out of it for themselves and family ( lesser versions of the Gaddafi fighter image ).

      And the result is the lovely world we have today!


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