Dada work 464; "Education Education Education"

“Education Education Education” – ten years of Blair BS. .
c. Michael St.Mark 2007


( click to expand the outlook for UK ‘skool’ kids )

7 thoughts on “Dada work 464; "Education Education Education"

  1. I’ve always thought schools should have ‘life skills’ as a subject on the curriculum, such a lot of the little darlings leave at 16 without a clue how to get by in the real world. I too blame the government, both past and present, how is it in this day and age pupils can go through school but still be unable to read or write properly?


    • Absolutely right Anne. So-called education in this country is fundamentally lacking in life skills / common sense skills call it what you may. Also woefully missing for almost three generations now, are post school/uni’ springboards of proper skills training ( apprenticeships ) within industry – as in Germany – in preparation for entering the world of work with pride in their work, heads held high, self-esteem intact and prospects of standard of living high.
      Successive UK governments have seemed intent on stifling working class school leavers’ potential and now the Tories pretend to wonder why the economy is on its knees and the land brimming with spivs and dumbed-down lager louts.


  2. this makes a change to pupils smoking behind the bike sheds as they did in my day! wonder where they get the money from to buy fags? The government putting the price of them up each year doesn’t seem to make much difference to the amount of people still, or starting to, smoke.


    • Nicotine buzz & sugar hit drinks, just living for thrills in the rain – shows lack of motivational education to want to make anything of themselves in life. The politicians don’t help.. no genuine apprenticeships with prospects, just burger flipping in McCorpse if they’re lucky.


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