New Dada work 471; The Socialist Workers

Socialist Workers
The Socialist Workers
c. Michael St.Mark 2011


Pedestrian shopping street with Industrial Revolution heroes – and contemporary compatriots.

click the pic x2 to enlarge fully

4 thoughts on “New Dada work 471; The Socialist Workers

  1. NO!!

    The Socialist Worker isn’t still going is it ?

    Last time I saw that was at a Welsh miner’s disco in the late 80’s when a miner planted a SW distributor right on the chin.

    Happy days.


    • Campaigning for wealth distribution fairness in society and for fundamental human rights in the workplace has had a bad establishment press for fairly obvious reasons. Hence the SWP must print their own.
      Thank goodness the national flock is at last beginning to whip up a serious protest spirit, before they get well and truly nailed to the poverty floor by this nasty gang of Tory muggers.


  2. I love the young boy on the statue, he’s already got the pose for carrying his tool box. Wonder if he’ll work in the local industry for 40 years and get his gold watch?—-probably not as there is no such thing as a job for life now. you did the right thing by getting out of there when you did 😀

    The man in the brown shirt looks to be a casualty of the ‘thrown on the scrapheap’club of over fifties. Nothing left to do now but languish around in the town centre smoking the odd fag ends he picks up and trying to avoid the pigeons as they swoop ever closer to the harrassed shoppers.


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