London Dada Work No. 477; Take Me to Your Leader

” Take Me to Your Leader”
  © Michael St.Mark 2010

First in the series, speculating in Photographic Social Metaphor ™ terms  on the likely gap in technological advancement between humans and aliens ( tree vs. mobile phone mast ),  should any ever actually land on Earth ( been a long wait, UFO watchers  – ed )

( Cumbria, Grizedale Forest. The long drag )

2 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 477; Take Me to Your Leader

  1. ‘what’s that coming over the hill’ is it a monster? well it certainly looks like a phone mast! is it? a terrible place to put it, if it is one. A blot on the landscape of a particularly beautiful area, same old story really. How do these things get the permission to be put up—–probably down to money eh! 😀


    • Phone mast it is! There are several within the forest ( see next up ) sited specifically at hilltop locations. There was a phone mast fad a few years ago when some were disguised ( not very well )as trees. Don’t know what happened to them, but as you say, likely boiling down to expense of production.


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