Work 487; The Yearning

The Yearning
The Yearning
c. Michael St.Mark, 2011

” The deep and instinctive human need to be free from all forms of oppression and limitation is universal, ubiquitous.”

Dedicated to world-weary souls everywhere

Sherrardspark Wood, Welwyn Herts

* January 2016; Released for sale in a signed edition of 20 ChromaLuxe® prints

30″ x 24″


ChromaLuxe® – the world’s leading brand of high definition sublimatable panels.Through the sublimation process  images are infused directly onto specially coated 1.7mm aluminium sheets with exceptional endurance, quality and resolution.ChromaLuxe® aluminium panels offer the ultimate in  fade, water, fire and chemical resistance so you can be confident your investment  will last for generations.

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5 thoughts on “Work 487; The Yearning

  1. I would love to be in the position of having done away with my ‘ego’, i want freedom from things which aren’t needed or important to us as humans,the worldly hopes and dreams which we don’t need in order to progress. I’m glad the process happens naturally, give me the liberation no matter how many lifetimes it takes.


  2. I saw this naturally sculpturesque stump as the soul ripe for freedom, worn down and broken externally – yet inwardly hollowed and free from worldly concerns hopes and dreams.
    He yearns to be free of all the immature trees surrounding and oppressing him with their youthful blinkered outlook and noisy, aggressive self-important ambition and is looking with divine despair upwards through the gap in the trees, towards liberation.

    Though at the moment no one will understand or accept, nevertheless this accelerated daily wearing process is and will still happen to them!

    People mistake self-development and self-improvement as ways to freedom, in fact the only real way there is through this wearing down of the strong desire compulsion element in the self by the tides of daily life.

    Whether we accept it or not it is happening to us all and will not stop the cleaning until we are ” fully processed”.


  3. Reach up and touch the sky!—–and the sky shouldn’t be the limit for anyone, we should all be free from whatever it is that holds us back and stops us being what we want to be—-in a perfect world that is, and of course this world is far from perfect. We must keep trying though, just as trees never stop trying to reach the light.


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