London Dada work 516: Inside-outside, the guts of a nation.

Inside-outside, the Guts of a Nation.
c. 2011, Michael St.Mark
Location – some ghastly services or other, M6.
(click to enlarge some more. )

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9 thoughts on “London Dada work 516: Inside-outside, the guts of a nation.

  1. It would seem that some of the diners in the photograph are no ‘strangers to a fish supper’!—–or perhaps they just haven’t heard about the white flour danger yet 😀

    I see people like this in every motorway service station i visit, i certainly wouldn’t like to see their ‘insides outside’—–ugh, no thanks!


      • Oh, you lovely chap! Ok, first – ‘Kids without a wise upbringing … do grow up’
        It would seem ‘up; out and round’ really.
        Then, how brilliant of you to assume, from what you say, that I’m all growed up. Dammit, alright, I know I am, but a lingering shot at having someone say ‘do grow up!’ brings joy to decrepitude. I’ll try to be more gooder in future. I love your responses in this blog.
        A xx


      • You asked the question – ‘why on earth would you think I would be telling you to grow up?’ I just said sort of why. Why on earth would you apologise? For what? Oh PLEEZE – tell me to grow up!
        Now, on a slightly different track, could you give me your artists impression of the Turbine Hall. This is a space I adore, and will be there again in a while, I hope.
        Now I’M sorry – really.
        A xx


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