London Dada work 524; " And yet we say we are Free"

“And yet we say we are free”
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Photo commentary on the chances of experiencing freedom within a society based on false value systems.

Link to London Dada vs. Wolff Olins Olympic logo litigation.

9 thoughts on “London Dada work 524; " And yet we say we are Free"

  1. Daresay I’ll get told off – used to that, but here goes.
    Is that dried plant so awful? No, of course not. It has a still beautiful shape, its branches now grey and gnarled still so gracefully decorate the plain wall, and it may have enjoyed a ‘full’ life span – possibly of just one or two seasons. (Daddy Longlegs live only one day – but that is their full life span, and they are really joyful. The plant needs care and attention, then next season it will grow again, becoming ‘beautiful’ in the accepted sense. Care, attention and love will do it.
    A xx


  2. I’ve never thought of that before, if i can see and realise something is false then surely i can see the truth?

    So many individuals value money above anything else, which is a terrible shame when they have so much else to be thankful for.

    Pontificating is allowed, as i do plenty of it myself :))


    • Of course! If you see something false to BE false – of no real value – then you are seeing the Truth! Whether on small scale or big, it boils down to the same thing?

      Come to the Truth by first seeing thru what it is not.


  3. That grey and depleted life form growing up the imposed north-facing wall of conditioning is but a former shadow of how it was really created to be – free, independent, blossoming, out in the nature open… a flourishing 3D tree.
    To be that tree once again, there needs be a few changes to happen within 😉


    • That is how i would like to see myself—–free,independent,blossoming,etc or am i asking for the impossible here?

      I’m not quite a dried up old stick like that plant yet, but it’s only a matter of time, unless i get back to nature out in the open air!


  4. A creeping takeover bid for sure!

    Even in our so called free society are we really free? I don’t think so, false values abound and what can we do about them? It would take us all, as a nation, pulling together to make change and that won’t happen. Too many people living off the back of false values and empty promises, they’ll cling on as tight as the dried plant struggling up that wall.


    • To see the false AS false.. surely is to see the truth?! So I guess it’s up to each individual in society to begin to see for themselves what is real value in their lives… and what is not, and then act accordingly, vote with feet and the free market will adapt accordingly into making a kinder, free’er world.
      ” Man can not live by bread alone ”
      ( 4give any pontificating here 🙂 )


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