London Dada Work No. 541; Sedimentary dear Watson

“Sedimentary dear Watson”. ( Brick Work No. 5 )
c. Dingo 2011


Dada artist Dingo in Michael St.Mark’s Infinitude III – the Digital / Pixel Mirror

18th -19th C. bricked wall, raised over time.
Baker Street NW1.

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Brick past

Brick-making in the early 20th century

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London Dada fast-access archives 2005-2017



Martin Creed

Three years on …. artist Martin Creed posing by his 2014 ” Work No. 1812″ Brick Wall, outside the Hayward gallery.
Part of his ” What’s the point of it? ” multi-installation exhibition

( Creed’s work ) ” is supported by such state art luminaries as Julian Bell and Stephen Deucher who commissioned the runners in the Tate Britain Duveen gallery, (Work number 850), so it’s all right then. The fact that it is facile, irrelevant and meaningless drivel is never to be considered. Why don’t these stata art acolytes worry about the contempt with which their decadent gestures are held by the populace who are paying for it without being asked? ”

An-Aesthetic, writing in Piece de Resistance blog

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