Something for the end of the weekend.

St.Pauls protest monopoly board.. Banksy or Zeus?
~  and the new art phenomenon calling calling cards art ~

banksy? monopoly
Thanks in no small part to London Dada since 2005, protest art becoming
the in-thing  – but is this really a Banksy work on the cobbles outside St.Pauls,
or a Banksy copy of another street artist?

Graffiti artist Zeus in 2009 with a very similar creation.

banksy business card
“Someone” later adds a mock business card to the display.

… and from 691 just last week,
Agenda; The Business Card as art
dada calling card

Link to the post;

Artists protesting against corporate theft, falling over themselves to nick ideas from each other
to enhance the value of their own ego brands and works?
~ Poor show chaps ~

M. St.M

4 thoughts on “Something for the end of the weekend.

  1. Thankfully you got in first with the business card, but of course that doesn’t stop it being downright annoying when yet another idea is stolen. As you say ‘poor show chaps’.

    I’ll be doing a post about this theme soon, if i let you know when would you mind if i asked you to put your ‘Infinitude 11’ link on it?


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