London Dada work 543. Supermarket Juxtaposition 1 (Temporary public installation)

Supermarket Juxtaposition no 1. “Fighting Decay the Hard Way”
Temporary public Installation at Tesco Surrey Quays. 31.10.11, 17.20pm ( Pallets of refined sugar c/w toothpaste & brush )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

In what we believe to be the first work in a new genre within Installation Art,
deliberately selected items from separate product aisles within a large
public retail environment are brought together and juxtaposed so as to create
surprise thought-provoking dichotomies in the minds of unsuspecting
passing shoppers, and in so doing breaking down preconceptions from
advertising or brand image; revealing certain uncomfortable – or humorous – realities.

( click on the collage to enlarge different views of the installation )

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5 thoughts on “London Dada work 543. Supermarket Juxtaposition 1 (Temporary public installation)

  1. Brilliant!

    Lots of teeth rotting sugar and the means by which you can get rid of it!

    Judging by the amount of people with bad teeth not many see that one should be followed by the other. 😀


  2. I was talking about you to Lord Eggbod t’other day trying to explain the merits of Dada art work….

    Then when in Bath we passed a lady leaning against a railing dressed in Jane Austen period costume, smoking a fag and talking into her mobile phone. That (I explained to Lord Egg) would make a great Dada artwork! Pity I never took a picture.


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