London Dada work 543. Supermarket Juxtaposition 1 (Temporary public installation)

Supermarket Juxtaposition no 1. “Fighting Decay the Hard Way”
Temporary public Installation at Tesco Surrey Quays. 31.10.11, 17.20pm ( Pallets of refined sugar c/w toothpaste & brush )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

In what we believe to be the first work in a new genre within Installation Art,
deliberately selected items from separate product aisles within a large
public retail environment are brought together and juxtaposed so as to create
surprise thought-provoking dichotomies in the minds of unsuspecting
passing shoppers, and in so doing breaking down preconceptions from
advertising or brand image; revealing certain uncomfortable – or humorous – realities.

( click on the collage to enlarge different views of the installation )

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