London Dada work 547; Dead Thistles IV

dead thistles
Dead Thistles with Barbed Wire
Michael St.Mark 2010

When all about us are straining at the leash to be cleverer than Trevor, here at London Dada we relax
and contemplate the dead ordinary TM.
Latest in the long-running Thistles series inspired by the artist May East TM.

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5 thoughts on “London Dada work 547; Dead Thistles IV

  1. I find this a very poignant photograph, to me it is symbolic of rememberence day, the thistles are soldiers whose bodies were left maimed on the barbed wire, unable to be removed due to continued bombardment.

    The nation’s mood certainly seems to be one of hopelessness just now, doom and gloom abounds when we switch on the news. People are shuffling along their faces showing the day to day worries they have to contend with—-it’s not a happy time.


    • Indeed Mrs B, tis tough and sad times for many.
      Artists need to reflect real life as well as the arcane in the round,
      that includes the desolate, the ordinary, side of life also.
      Til inevitable springtime then, maybe a clue to surviving the grim grim winter to soon arrive.. is to become a “Hiber Nation”? zzzzz 🙂


      • good to see you’re still blogging Cathead, i was beginging to think you had been made into a pair of winter gloves 😀

        Actually i jest with you as i took your photograph only the other day when i was out on my walk, i’m sure your keeper will be interested in seeing it!


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