Holding a torch to corporate plagiarism in art.

Coe London-2012-Olympic-Torch
Lord Coe proudly brandishing the newly designed London Olympic torch yesterday.
” London doesn’t do bland ” … sure – and its Olympic Commitee doesn’t do honest.

Infinitude II / Olympic logo compare
Section from artwork INFINITUDE II, alongside the Wolff Olins 2012 Olympic logo transposed in 3d onto the torch.
( click to enlarge the compare )

The unveiling of the Olympic torch for next year’s games reveals Wolff Olins’ brand logo cast in 3D and confirming the logo was designed to appear as a relief, casting shadows and highlights, imitating in a yet further aspect the 2006 work Infinitude II by Michael St. Mark. Here we get to see the two alongside one another, with Infinitude II lit by gold light from above, similar to the primary light source angle illuminating the torch logo.


4 thoughts on “Holding a torch to corporate plagiarism in art.

  1. Don’t ever give up on this as you owe it to your talent to pursue it, unless of course finances dictate otherwise.

    I’m not surprised you’ve heard nothing up to now, they’re probably working out how they are going to deny it!


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