London Dada work 564; Forecourt Autumn

4court autumn
Forecourt Autumn
by Dingo, c. 2011

Garage lights refracting through fuel spillages on terracotta forecourt, with fallen leaf.
Shell filling station, Mile End rd, E. London

( the autumn colors

London Dadaist Dingo; “ Seeing/Putting the extra in the ordinaryTMs



6 thoughts on “London Dada work 564; Forecourt Autumn

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    • The 2012 Beamer M1, yes. Popped into Hexagon in highgate for the td, jeez H. Christ, talk about a rabbit out of a trap, 560 horses, a real flying machine – superlatives fail, esp. with the price.
      But hell it’s only money 😉
      Taking delivery in March with any luck.


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