London Dada Work No. 586; A Mid-Spin Hirst in Davos

DSCF5652Damien Hirst
Mid-Spin in Davos
c. Art Axis / Damien Hirst 2012

Digitally enhanced and edited screenshot from video of the creation of a spin painting by Damien Hirst at the Victor Pinchuk foundation in Davos, Switzerland in 2011. A legal appropriation artwork sourced during the spin process when the painting is still in a formative, unfinished state.

* Update 2013; Said video has been withdrawn from YouTube & no longer available in the public domain.

A revolutionary new way to collect works by famous artists.
A chance to own an affordable Damien Hirst-initiated artwork (mid-creation, appropriated )

Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photorag archival paper, 36″ X 30″.  Edition of 10, choice of colour anodized alu frames – £ 960
For purchase details contact;

Links to the event;
.. and which reminds us;
LD work 170; The Artist, the Collector and the Gallery
c. Michael St.Mark 2006

4 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 586; A Mid-Spin Hirst in Davos

      • I’m just getting into the ePib market (sorting ISBNs out now) and I will not be charging the same for an e book as a print version like big publishers do. They really think the public are stupid.


      • I fear this new Kindle craze will only flatter to deceive. For every talented writer such as yourself there’ll surely be a thousand housewives with that “novel they’ve always had in them”, chomping at the digital bit. ( no disrespect to housewives!).
        In the end isn’t it likely to become something of a swamped format, where the punter has to laboriously wade through a hundred titles of terminal tedium before finding anything remotely gripping… a bit like paying a quid to read yer average yawnsville diary blogger, which we can all do to our hearts content – if that’s one’s pleasure – for bugger all, already.

        But perhaps you have another take on it Ian? How are Kindlers going to find the occasional needle of good writing within the forthcoming haystack of badly-written dross?


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