London Dada work 639; Spires of Aspiration

spires of aspiration
Spires of Aspiration

c. Michael St.Mark 2013

( London Bridge)

Signed edition of 50 fine art giclee prints  24″ x 18″ on Ilford Pearl
Unframed, £170

For purchase details please visit

6 thoughts on “London Dada work 639; Spires of Aspiration

    • It needs to be re-visited with a steadier support for the camera, the side of a lampost didn’t quite do it sharp justice on a 1 second exposure.
      By day the scene would be interesting, before some other Johnny camera spots this and has a pop.

      Might be a long wait for this stinging cold to abate, mind.


    • Thank you Christine. The old spires pointing up to a devotional Christian heaven; the new one I guess more about our contemporary money-buys-you-heaven era.. that was just about out of time by the time it was finished late last year.
      Great view from the top though, so they say.


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