Work No. 800; Windows ten; the Retrograde Upgrade

They promised this..









– and gave us this…


Retrograde Upgrade
c. Michael St. Mark 2016

Windows ten, the Retrograde Upgrade, causing havoc, stress and mayhem across the globe. Far from shaken-down and riddled with beta faults and cul-de-sac glitches that often require technical help to resolve at substantial cost.  Even more seriously it contains a spectrum of what many people are saying is effectively spyware and other software that forces the user to accept terms and conditions involving loss of personal choice over other systems previously favored.
Below;  search result for ” Windows DVD Player” …

windows cant find windows






People would be well advised to avoid an update that can’t find itself in a basic search for as long as possible ( until it’s eventually forced on all Windows users, as it inevitably will be  ).

“Windows 10 – Big Brother has finally arrived – on crutches”

Bill Gatess

Bill Gates is the technology advisor at Microsoft, to support newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella

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