LONDON DADA Work No. 278 / 278A: Frozen Mouse / Windows10 Logic

Frozen mouse logic Tribute to Bll Gates
Frozen Mouse Logic – tribute to Bill Gates
c. 2007 Michael St.Mark


* To purchase a signed limited edition of this early London Dada Work,  click here

2018 Update addendum

Windows 10 Logic; tribute to Bill Gates II
© Michael St.Mark

Links to Windows 10; Big Brother has finally arrived – on crutches


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5 thoughts on “LONDON DADA Work No. 278 / 278A: Frozen Mouse / Windows10 Logic

  1. :)):)):))
    LOL, good one!…
    …but you’re funny, really :)) with your sayings in the previous comment as:…w/a free bottle of Valium,… BP health warning …and a coconut hammer…etc. …
    :)) Thanks for the laughs/giggles now Mike 🙂
    :wave: Enjoy your weekend,


      • Cheers Mike 🙂
        Thanks, well as we continue with a Summer time around here … exciting huh? Yes, OK i’l do some windsurf, missing it :yes: last weekend were some doing it, and others water sports, so yes that’s it :yes:
        Hope you too enjoy yours having FUN 😀


    • It’s that Windows hair-pulling-out time again, Dean.
      Who in gods name writes this over-complex bilge and tripe FFS!

      ( PCs should be sold with a stress/coronary/high BP health warning, a free bottle of Valium and a coconut hammer for the monitor screen after two weeks of sweating blood to set it up to work to about 5% capacity; while Master Gates suns himself and sips his vintage champers in between laughing his head off and surrounded by a bevy of young scantily-clad beauties on some far-flung tropical beach. )


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