Work No. 279; Everything Has Its Place..

Everything has its place wk 2007
Everything Has Its Place …and should be In its Place
Michael St.Mark 2007

Title;  an old English saying.

Municipal litter bin with R.McD cartons, Welwyn Herts

Links and relates directly to Work No 826; The Watcher III

Backdated from 2018

London Dada archive


7 thoughts on “Work No. 279; Everything Has Its Place..

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  4. :)):)):))
    Your title is so TRUE and right :)) and thinking that i ate there something, nearby a beach last Sunday :-/
    But i block my mind when i enter on McD. so while was eating i entartained myself w/my mobilephone, my digi-cam. and so..all that helped me not to remember i was eat’g’s a great trick :yes: 😉 Oh yes it is!
    True :))…if i start to think to much i really don’t manage eat nothing, better shake the head and AH!well is just from time to time :))

    ( PS:Oh, do you know about WCG Mikey? Is she OK? I was about to PM her, but i dunno, maybe she’s in holidays in Spain yet!)

    OK, i enjoy a lot yours Londondada, keep posting yes :yes:


    • I must confess to having a little fillet o’ fish and chips there now and again, but the hydrogenated vegetable oil they cook with always leaves me feeling queasy afterwards.
      But I wouldn’t touch the burgers with a barge pole for reasons I won’t mention to you, kiki 🙂

      I think WCG has blogged about being on holiday in Tenerife lately, she’s a real sun-worshiper at heart.


      • Hmm yes the fish and chips are yumy :b i agree…now i must confess that yes i ate a burger with chese and bacon :)) but well that will not kill me! Anyway yes i already heard about the burgers but as i’m not sure if are true, sometimes i have one…but if you say so i will never eat none there! Only made by me, myself and I!
        Yes, that oil they use is weird, yuck, let a certain flavour too in our mouth :-/
        Oh, and i thought she was having a blog-rest :)) i’l visit her tomorrow, lucky girl, in Tenerife! And she does very well :))


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