6 thoughts on “London DADA Collaboration re-visited

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      • HI Mike 🙂 you’re awake yet! :))
        Well, i’m yet trying to finish something i must have ready by Monday…so i need a bit this night to do some researchs and write abut it :yes: then i’ve time to sleep.
        Now, about both photos, are very good ones as the Titles :yes: yes you’re great giving titles to them too!
        But HAHAHAHAHA that makes me wonder bcz when i need to photograph a ceiling from an old/antique church, palace, whatever i lay down on the floor, and i get the image i want :))
        HAHAHAHA or he cricked his neck yes :))


      • Yes I’m still awake kiki, just finishing a bit of web design. What is it you have to get ready, your new wind surf board?
        What a stressful life you have on that beach!! 🙂


      • I dunno nothing about web design :-/ ..yet ;D
        Must be funny!
        What i need to get ready? Something i’m writing, and using the photos too, about the Way of San Tiago de Compostela, he most importnat one in Portugal that isn’t enough yet studied, so now will be :)):)):))..i did it, that Way, last year through mountains under a heat-wwave we had at the time, and was amazing, just i didn’t finish to write about it!!!
        OH yes, life at beach is really stressful 😉 :)):))


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