Work No. 35: Infinitude 1


Infinitude ( Homage to Hans Arp )
c. Michael St.Mark 2005

Collage relief, actual work, randomly placed shards of white paper on white paper, A4.  Intended as both tribute to and a progression from Hans ( Jean) Arp’s 1916/17 Dada Work of fallen torn pieces of paper ( below ). Forerunner to Infinitude II, the artwork that inspired an Olympics.
* Infinitude. First use of identical-colour collage in art.


6 thoughts on “Work No. 35: Infinitude 1

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  2. Hey Mike
    Can you tell me more about this piece? What are the dimensions? And is it on canvas or what? Is it ready to hang on a wall?

    I have a wall in the bistro that “Infinitude” might fit. Email me ( with details and if you would be more interested in selling it or displaying it with some type of small plaque next to it with your name and contact details for Dada art.

    Not 100% sure if the piece will work in the spot, but feel it can more than not. I can give you more info and maybe you can bring the piece to the site and we can see it in person.


  3. See the Turbine Hall’s new piles of white boxes at the Tate Modern.
    Rachel “the plague'” Whiteread – you’re a talentless X factor of an artist.
    Jump to your master’s thumb click, “great sculptor”!


  4. The title relates to the possibility of the work casting thin lines of shadow in an infinite number of combinations depending on the ambient light direction (s). If you look again, the top part of the collage particularly contains thin multi-angled lines of shadow that were cast when the picture was taken. The collage will look different again in another light setting.

    It also works on other more subtle and also anti-art levels. I used white as it contains the full light spectrum so it will also change colour according to its illumination, as well as showing up the thin shadows to best effect.


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