Work No. 179; And we Call this Living

Moto Landscape
A Moto Landscape
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark
As you stand stock still
On all Michelin fours
Becalmed by bunching
(Or driving at twenty’s
apparently plenty)

You breathe ( is that the word )
In-car “fresh air vent” exhaust
Coughed from the veh in front.

And as you devour yet another chemical crisp
Washed down with a slug of diet sludge
You contemplate amongst the cones . . .

This, we call living…

March 2006

3 thoughts on “Work No. 179; And we Call this Living

  1. A Mondrian indeed…

    St Mark, drawing people into my work & feeding back their interpretations to me plays a fundamental part in why I create…(as with most Artists, i`m sure).

    Your interpretation of my work is Spot On, I offer the viewer an opportunity to be drawn into my work , to make their own perceptions through colours, the viewer can often see my interpretation…without scratching their heads or trying to view it upside down…lol – ArT FoR eVeRyOnE!!!



    • Motorway journeys by day was the idea, but inner cities too, natch.

      Delete the lettering and there’s a nice Piet Mondrian (kind of anyway)? The great thing about doing abstract stuff, I always thought, is that a vivid imagination on the part of the viewer can project lots of real life imagery onto the canvas – or the artist may already be dropping hints of suggestion towards a certain way of interpretation to start with.

      Lots of your works strike me as done that way, perhaps to suggest architechture or grand landscapes?


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