WORK 180: Land of the Cat-Killers V

Land of the Cat Killers V
c. 2006 Mike St.Mark
One off signed London Dada photo print on Kodak Endura
24″ X 14″
£300 ( unframed )

@ Feb 2007 “Land of the Cat Killers V.”  sold

4 thoughts on “WORK 180: Land of the Cat-Killers V

    • Yes Dean, they’re all over the place there; cats and their killers. You see there’s been a fair bit of cat killing going on there ( the locals’ domestic cats stray up onto the moors and get either shot or trapped by the gamekeepers for eating the grouse eggs and thereby the landowner’s income.)

      It’s all done hush hush of course but the villagers know what’s going on and strangely enough, the whole story gets reflected in the landscape over time – if you’ve got the right eyes to see.

      It’s near Dada village ( see Tag ). If you’re ever up this way do pop in for tea dear boy. . .


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