NEW DADA work 294 Blustons; the Dress Shop from Hell

Blustons; the Dress Shop from Hell
c. Michael St. Mark/ May East, 2007.

Blustons is a fashion shop for the more mature woman specialising in outfits from sizes 10 to 30.”

A dark sinister labyrinth of retro’ ladies’ nylon and rayon dress sense nightmares


(Click through the images for the full-blown Blustons experience.)


5 thoughts on “NEW DADA work 294 Blustons; the Dress Shop from Hell

    • I keep getting these hints from the ether Bradders, that I should be buying a mountain bike for extra exercise around the bike paths around town. Along with swimming, perhaps God is telling me to shape-up or face the old incinerator sooner rather than later 😦


      • Make sure you stick to them cycle paths Mike I should hate for some big hairy arsed trucker to despatch one of the best bloggers around to the land of Harps and clouds.


    • God knows how they stay open Wend’. It’s a huge shop in Camden, their rates alone must be close to a £grand a week so someone must be buying Blustons.
      I saw a few women stopping to gape at the dresses in the window, but the shop innards look about as inviting as Dracula’s tomb.


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