Work no 327, Hi Def’ Interference

Hi Def Interference
BBC Breakfast Hi Def’ Interference
c. 2008 Michael St.Mark


Cropped photo of a poorly-conected widescreen TV in-store at JL WGC Herts


Commentary on the transition from analogue to superior digital TV broadcasting and yet the propensity for picture fault due to poor signal strength or connection issues remaining; only its manifestation in the digital realm as breakdown into multi-coloured/ textured pixelation being marginally more interesting than the equivalent fast-moving horizontal banding of analogue picture interference of old.
( Little tekky things like these keep us mildly entertained.. 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “Work no 327, Hi Def’ Interference

  1. You don’t need an iffy Blu-ray disc player to get that effect, just subscribe to virginmedia, bingo!
    I like images like this myself, you can look into them and see all manner of things, good work MSM.


    • Cheers me ol’ cobber. Thank god you’re still with us Bradders, I was getting heart palpitations thinking you’d gone blog AWAL.
      Blogdotcodotuk needs your unique version of sanity, my friend!
      Now let’s have some fresh hilarity as soon as you’re ready to rock & roll again.
      I swear you’d go down a storm with your own material – ever thought of doing a stand-up comedy routine? ( seriously)


    • Cheers Deano, I love that pixelation effect with digital – at least when they ram digital TV down out collective throats we’ll get a great display of abstract art every time the neighbour runs his faulty electric lawn mower.


    • It’s crop from a photo of a John Lewis dept store 30″ plasma flat screen display TV, playing a faulty blu ray DVD… or a blu ray DVD with a faulty connection.
      This is the kind of weird & wonderful abstract wonderland we can all expect when the entire country goes digital TV.
      If you can imagine that in motion Tom, constantly changing shape size & color its far more visually appealing.

      In fact I might surreptitiously video the screen next time I’m in there to upload to YouTube, if it’s still broke – and if I don’t get spotted and thrown out first.


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