London Dada Work No. 342 .. The Last Days of Woolies; the Future of England

svector size, lol

The last days of Woolies, the future of England ( 2-part work )
  c. 2008/9 Michael St.Mark

Click on father & son to “give’ it the big ‘un, as they say.

Linkback to previous Woolworths ( pick n’ mix sweet bins ) Work ” Never a truer sweet has spoken”

woolworths dm2

Woolworths Death Mask
( c. Jordan Mackenzie 2009 )

17 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 342 .. The Last Days of Woolies; the Future of England

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  2. I k ow why they like to be like that, so we don’t see they are bald!
    Really…they shave all the hair and they think others don’t notice they’re turning bald :))


      • LOL Mike :)) Filipe borned bald :)) and doesn’t shave all his hair..but almost yes..though he isn’t a skinhead, no way!
        Now that liitle one must wants his dad looks for sure! Lots want it!

        Yes, we have them here, and sometimes they do lots of problems, unfortunatly! Some are yet in court because some last problems in Lisboa few time ago. Especially, not so much because the africans already here after Portugal end with the Dictatorship and lose the colonies in 1974, but when they saw brasilians and people from Russia, and others east countries coming into Portugal yes they started to do lots of mess!
        They really wear those black boots, the ” Suastica “, the ” nazi cross “..though now it’s known as the nazi cross, it isn’t indeed, it appeared too much time ago, and was used by christians, also with the meanning of luck..but Hitler decided to adopt it and you know it all :)) but those stupid skinheads guys don’t know it and keep wearing it on their arm, …they all should learn that without mixing all the Humanity was PAST by now, was gone already!
        As all those civilizations that didn’t mix with others, weren’t open to others are gone now…very few remain, few groups but will be gone soon to the extinction.


    • Wouldn’t you just love to swat a fly crawling on his slap head with a rolled-up copy of The Sun without getting an eye-watering going-over including losing a few teeth and a ruptured spleen in return ?
      Oh the joy of the mere thought of getting away with it … now where’s my old police uniform :))


    • Cheers eggy, I got lucky with this one I guess.
      The last dazers seemed to be flocking up from the East End bless ’em, to Potters B. Woolies in the NY, eggy… a different level of broke even from the skint scavengers and spotty paper round kids usual to be found there, total charity shop fashion victims – the salt of the earth … well, some of them anyway – this guy was the bully of the pack though, that day (And wait til you see his kid 😉 )

      But seriously, I love the poor and downtrodden, really I do.


      • It reminds me of that Shane Meadows movie “This is England”.

        Did you see it?

        Gasp! I thought Potters B wrote those bunny books 😉 She never shopped in Woolies did she? And Peter Rabbit?


      • Yes a v. well-made film indeed, eggy. It didn’t take off at the box office because the toffs at the BBFC, contrary to all expectations, classified it 18 on the grounds of language, but it seems to me a more political agenda was at work there regarding not rocking immigration policy boats or swelling the ranks of the BNP.
        ( btw little Shaun doppelganger c/w Elastoplasted NHS specs up next 🙂 )


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