Work No 324 – Never a truer sweet has spoken.

Never a truer sweet...
Never a truer sweet crop..
Never a Truer Sweet has Spoken
c. 2008 Michael St.Mark

Pick n’ mix sweets bins, Woolworths, Battersea ( two-part Work )

(Follow-up to Work 283, ” Never a Truer Cookie has Spoken “, see tags )

Link to associated post The End of Woolies – the Future of Angerland

woolworths dm2

Woolworths Death Mask
Concrete Work comprising sweets “taken from the pick n’ mix sweets bin on the final day of trading, Woolworths Bethnal Green”.
(c). Jordan Mackenzie 2009 ( Didn’t take him long to catch on 😉 )


7 thoughts on “Work No 324 – Never a truer sweet has spoken.

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    • Hi A.
      …Maybe that’s the idea…. maybe some smart dude at “Candy Man” or Woolies slipped ’em in as a kind of subliminal aversion therapy to save kids’ teeth…. but maybe… I’m bloody barmy.
      But I agree, how could anyone suck and chew on those charmers without wanting to immediately throw TFU?

      btw will we ever see the sun again… actually or metaphorically, do you think ?
      GB summer ’08 seems a never-ending hell. Grim aint the word. When staying in bed all day actually appears the better option, somethings very wrong somewhere… or is it just me?
      ( Must do another sheepnation as some kind of thereputic outlet):)


      • A never-ending hell is right m fried. I so need a sunshiny day that I am positively having withdrawal symptoms now. Bed all day mmmm – yes could have done that today – went to Ebbw Vale (not v nice) got soaked, then went to Ystrad Mynach and repeated the exercise……

        Losing the plot here

        Something therapeutic would be very nice…..

        If I see the sun I will be in touch 😀

        A x


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