Work no 325; Everything Must Go! – ( Credit Crunch Bites Pt. 3 ))


The Credit Crunch Bites, Pt 3.
( Everything Must Go )
Sequence of photos
C. 2008 Michael St. Mark.

( click over any picture to enlarge)

DSCF0004-1everything must go cover phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg
Artist Michael St.Mark’s published artwork … & Artist Michael Landy’s book cover 2 months later

*NB Although admittedly in general use, still, is this yet another bizarre “co-incidence” or example of unscrupulous theft by an established artist from works featured on 691. Never before seen as the central focus in an artwork, then 2 months on being used for the first time as sole use for a book cover by another artist. You decide.
Book title and its cover design (above) by artist Michael Landy, published 21.10.08 ( just two months after this London Dada work was uploaded to the internet ).. ” Everything Must Go!“. ( link below)

5 thoughts on “Work no 325; Everything Must Go! – ( Credit Crunch Bites Pt. 3 ))

    • Thankx, A.
      One does one’s best to observe and record the human condition in all its conscious and unconscious paradoxes and fascinating strangeness.
      Hoping you’re happy with your new man and there is yet time for at least an Indian summer. I’m taking Sept off in the forlorn hope…. and if it the weather gods still see fit to continue our sodden punishment – off to France/Spain for October I will go for my annual sun fix 🙂

      Life’s too short to put up with being pissed on daily!


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