London dAdA work no. 345.. EWE Frozen Fish mix

Extreme Weather ( snow )  Event – frozen (Michael) Fish mix
c. Michael St.Mark 2009

Photo montage of Carol Kirkwood with BBC garden snowman, taken from a TV screenshot during the early morning Breakfast news of February 3rd 2009.

Relates to the the extreme snow event of that day and harking back to Michael Fish’s  ” don’t worry there isn’t ” ( a  Hurricaine on the way ) infamous quote, made the day before the “great storm”  hurricaine of October 1987 that caused extensive structural damage to properties and damged or felled a large proportion of trees across souhern England

Photomontage & ink on paper, derived from giclee print of TV screenshot.

Available as x 50 signed edition Lightjet prints 12″ x 7″ on Kodak Pro Endura
£ 350 ( unframed )

Signed original offered for sale, price £2850


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11 thoughts on “London dAdA work no. 345.. EWE Frozen Fish mix

    • Thanking you kiki one; it is also connected to a famous British weather forecaster ( Michael Fish) TV forecast mistake in the October 1987 but nevertheless I suppose is fairly humorous on its own.
      Be sure to send forth to New Dada some new DaDa imagery as and when you have it kiki…. it has been a long time since the paper boat…
      .. now come with it my Lisboa sweetie!!


      • You know why i laughed so much about this one too dear Mikey, first because yes i thought it was a message for you Mike :)) then because I love to take some crazy or funny words from magazines for ex. and add it to our photos…it always ends with funny sentences and my files of photos are usually funny to see especially because that..but who started the joke was my mom :)) she still does it, she has a great sense of humour, but i continued it…yessssssss i have various indeed to send you, just don’t know if are Dada or not, but i’l send, this week i’m going to take various to some places i need to go..
        …oh i never sent you the ones i took on the Santiago’s way, that i did during 3 days on hills under 40+degrees XX( but some of the pics even have stories! As one i’l tell you sending that photo… i found some lost important ancient antiques, during 1 of those 3 days..till now as i was alone on that moment..kinda lost myself watching everything with my own eyes :)) .. in that stange/lonely church in the middle of nowhere i still think the man was a ghost that from nowhere appeared to me, really, who indicated me the place where were the lost pieces so i tell where they were…was a creepy moment for me but i couldn’t let that chance run away from me, so i went to some dark caves w/him under that church…etc. then i tell you better :)) ! And everybody looking for it…and for me too, when i told i photographed them and showed to the archaelogists of Ponte de Lima there w/us they were stunned! Plus they even told me that no one has the keyes of that church, and there’s no man keep’g it 🙄 creepy huh? :))
        Well…In the name of science or their beneffit B) so they look for them i gave them copies…BUT not all B) 😉 .. the originals are yet with me only!

        I’d come with it Mike :)) thank you my dear, just i don’t know when yet, i will for sure i’m missing UK! As i’m used to go there :yes:
        Sweet dreams, xxxx


      • Thank you for telling us your story Kiki, yes perhaps the man was a spirit able to appear physically, I’ve heard there are people who can do this to protect us from trouble – maybe he appeared to stop you from going into the caves on your own and getting lost, which means you are being watched over by your angels 🙂


      • Hi Mike, oh i never touched him, don’t know if he was real or not, at that moment i believe he was the mqan who was guarding all that…but nope there was none doing it, i was assured of it after all that!
        Do you really hink so? Believe so? because i remember everything as if it was today! As few others stories that if i tell other will think i have too much imagination :-/ and indeed i already don’t know in what i believe sometimes…as about some of the very few dreams i have about my sis. ..well the ones i wake up and sometimes i’m even sitting down on my bed chatting with her as if she’s there with me, when i wake up i’m always very confused yes, but i never tell no one, only to very few people like now…lol but well here all the planet will know about it :)) seriously then i try to remeber some of the alk and is always a kind of warning or so. As when she passed away, two days after it happened i was falling into sleep wheni saw my sister walking in front of me, light was on yes, and i was falling into sleep when that happened…i don’t have explanations, she stared me smiling and went away, that’s all i remeber because when i woke my eyes really wide open she was going some tell me this is kinda suggestion :??:
        If i have angels by me she is the ONE for sure 🙂 and i may have more if they really exist, yes that’s true as others didn’t want to come with me..and they tell are historians AH as if… well, yes i was indeed determined to go after it by my own, into the caves, when that man appeared from nowhere, funny is that i didn’t feel fear of him and he was very nice to me, so much, and was all so peaceful that yes i trusted him though now i’m sure it was a creepy moment and i let him lead me and went to see the things, he waited with lots of patience while i photographed everything :)) …oooh he even took me to an attic to show more pieces and some urgently repairs to that church or it will go down with everything in it!!!!
        :??: 🙄
        Hope all OK with you Mike , xxx
        No one could believe me till see my photos and i tell them the way, where they were exactly! And yes that day i and everybody were thinking about it…though i slept very well :))


      • One of the protectors (spiritual agents) who can appear from nowhere is known down the ages as ” the green man” and is the source of many legends from different cultures, the characteristic of him is that he is dressed in a largely green colored outfit whenever and wherever he appears.
        It seems like an intervention because perhaps you were destined to have an accident or get lost in the caves on your own and your fate was changed by that sent man.
        In spiritual circles the term is that you have been “touched” (by the hand of God). 🙂
        Kiki, of course your sister is with you, just because the glove is gone and can’t be seen, the identical shaped astral spirit hand that was inside the glove and moved it is still there in the astral world which is near and touches this world. (And her mind has not changed!)


      • Thank you for your words and your explanation…yes maybe was that, i’l never knowlyou say? He was wearing kinda neutral colours but with a green sweater yes but i don’t know if that about the green man is relevant or true!!! Maybe is people’s suggestion who make tell that…or do you believe that is indeed true? About it i didn’t read much so can’t tell what i think about all that. I just know i am very intuitive, the why it is a mistery for me.
        OOOh really is that the term??? ” Touched ” by God?? Me?? Maybe yes! If so it happened then already in various ocasions of my life!!!
        (… 🙄 Hope he doesn’t touches me too much as i don’t notice it OH! :-/
        :)) LOL here i’m kidding with you Mike :)):)):)) that just crossed my mind now hahaha :-/ sorry but it made me laugh now :)) )

        In a serious note again, that makes me wonder then why i have been “touched” by HIM various times and so many did not!!!

        Thank you for your words 🙂
        xxx Hugzzzzz2U


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