London Dada Work No.346: Frozen Assets

The Credit Crunch Bites Pt6 – Frozen Assets
c. Michael St. Mark 2009.

( Darkes Lane  Potters Bar branch )

Click on the pound to see the Euro

4 thoughts on “London Dada Work No.346: Frozen Assets

    • Its just a reference to the shrinking quid over the bigger value euro, not to worry. Click on the Nat West sign is good.
      Sorry I haven’t commented on your Buddhist posts of late LJ, its those darned Zen puzzles of yours – they give me the most vicious migraines trying to solve em 😉

      “Is the mountain I see today the same mountain as it was yesterday?
      I think some student got a whack around the head from a Zen master’s cane for asking that :))


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