Work no. 333 – Pound Shop Christmas

From London Dada, the creative resource that brought the country the snappy catchphrase ” The Credit Crunch Bites” ( see tags ) here’s a new glass onion slogan this merry yuletide….

  Pound Shop Christmas
  ( Work comprising series of images )
  c. Michael St. Mark 2008

(All images as are click-thru expandable )

En-tranced by a car wash cascade of glitter ( not Gary)

Play Santa for a day ..

Down the eye-straining strip-lit isles yule wander – you can grab anything you want for your festive stocking
– except  the rare young delicacy you’d like the most’s a bitch, then you die of frustration or pay for it.

Oh sheer tinselling migrainous pre-festive pound shop joy

Roll up roll up – to wrap your loved ones’  Xmas tat …. in tat

New Dada work no. 308, The Credit Crunch Bites ( Pt. 1)

The Credit Crunch Bites ( Pt. 1 )
c. 2008 Michael St.Mark

( Click over the picture for the full crunch experience )

NB, note the date of this work, 26 March 2008, the date that the now universally used term ” The Credit Crunch Bites” was coined by MSt.M.