Work No. 373; Sore Loser

Sore Loser
c. Michael St.Mark 2009

Caved-in boarded-up Ladbrokes window,  Hatfield, Herts.
*post updated 2017

Sore Loser / abstract
( rotated digital crop derivative )
c. 2009 Michael St.Mark


Sore Loser ( abstract ) available in a signed edition of 20 fine art Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura;
18″ H X 14″ W
£350 (unframed)

2 thoughts on “Work No. 373; Sore Loser

    • Yes, a saw loser too – and I’m sure you could do better, nevertheless the bodge does lend itself quite nicely to a cute piece of abstract art with a bit of pathos behind it ….this also reminds of the joke about there being so many shops closing down in the CC… that all the window cleaners carry sanders :))


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