Work No. 372; An English Summer Triptych

An English Summer Triptych
( chill-out zone )
c. Dingo 2009

Click on an aphid to be transported to a personal relaxing green haven

First in a unique series evolving the landscape photographic triptych format beyond simply one image split into three sections.
*Here, three separated portrait mode panels of cropped photographic images are instead derived from an incrementally progressive pan, yet each recognizably related and connecting essentially to the same overall scene, each panel separated by a short time interval.


London Dada artist Dingo at Rye Harbour estuary;
Putting the Extra in the Ordinary ” TM
” Seeing the Extra in the Ordinary”

Forward link to third in the GCZ series; 2017


Water 1, from the Thames Estuary  series by Nadav Kander (c) 2015
*Portrait mode cropped stills derived from an incrementally progressive pan of the recognizably same scene separated by a small time interval

Showing at Flowers gallery London, Nov 2017

London Dada; ” reorienting art in the 21st C.

8 thoughts on “Work No. 372; An English Summer Triptych

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  3. I love both these images 🙂

    Lush green is delicious. England is so green and growing wherever there is a space for things to grow… they grow :yes:

    I like the orange and the turquoise bits and the notes all floating around freely and yet contained.




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