Work 397 Night Slug

slug 2010
Night Slug 
c. Dingo 2010

There is a cheeky slug that slimes its way into Lady Dingo’s hallway in the small hours; does
a circuit of sorts of silvery-trailed investigation before climbing the first stair before retreating
back to its little home – the dank crack between the floorboards and the doorstep.

Each morn’ a new shiny track is evidenced winding nonchalently over the previous day’s swept
carpet…. but he is never ever caught in the act.

This morning was unusually unusual. …the 2 uncollected junk mail Pizza flyers that had lain
there from the evening before had been partially eaten – nay ravaged –  by night slug….
toleave an almost perfect semi-circle of slug munch !

Tonight the good DaDist Dingo has left a lettace leaf out.

And tomorrow we will see !

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New DaDaist Dingo

– ” Seeing the extra in the ordinary”  TM
– ” Putting the extra in the ordinary”  TM


3 thoughts on “Work 397 Night Slug

  1. will do! they are interesting… little known fact: they quite enjoy dry cat food and wet cat food for that matter. the whole summer i studied them i never saw them eat… then in the presences of cat food i saw their little munchers munching. fascinating!


  2. email your best dadaistic specimen from amongst the collection and I’ll upload it.
    A study of slugs? Tremendous stuff, Justynn – they’re very under-rated aboard this mad-dash( board) breakneck speed society ship of fools.


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