London Dada Work No. 400 – Sixteen Tombstones ( Dada homage to Andy)

Sixteen Tombstones ( a Dada Homage to Andy )
c. Michael St.Mark 2010

* This Work is available as  a 30″H X 25″W  hand-finished signed & authenticated color litho print ( one worldwide).

( email for reproduction permissions )

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5 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 400 – Sixteen Tombstones ( Dada homage to Andy)

    • Caught between a rock and a soft place there I see Justynn – the dichotomy of the piece is engaging indeed. Would that be known as a concrete work or would you have to re-brand as a “brick work” I ponder.

      Good point about the terminally bland AW headstone, it kind of demeans his flamboyant and controversial life somewhat.
      The maestro himself, Marcel Duchamp, had chiseled into his particular monument …. ” DEATH – after all, it only ever happens to other people doesn’t it? ”

      True genius would seem to be irrepressible, even in dearth of earthly life 🙂


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