London Dada Work No. 401; The Flags of Inconvenience – an urban triptych.

Flags of Inconvenience – an urban triptych
© 2010 by Dingo

Paving adjacent to the A406 North Circular, New Southgate, London N.

foc indiv

Available as individual pieces, signed photo prints 20″ X  12″

3 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 401; The Flags of Inconvenience – an urban triptych.

  1. The title and your irony with this piece is more insightful and reflects more depth than this trio of paving bandits.

    You may wish to let the artist know about the Lowry-styled pot-holes in Barnet, which living art forms have become more than a little common since last winter. 😉


    • Regarding the flags, as Ken Dodd’s defence lawyer related during the toothy one’s tax evasion trial way back when…. ” it woz the diddy men wot did it ( me lud ) “. Only in this case the diddy ants. Days of hot sunshine seem to rev them up into a frenzy of burrowing activity that even worker bees could only stand and be amazed at.
      See, their furious tunneling under the flagstones…. that’s excavation work they’re carrying out, hence the mounds of sand piled up to either side of the cracks between the flags. The hollows they create over time ‘neath the flags cause fractures when pedestrians walk over.

      But I doubt ants are to blame for Barnet’s epidemic of Lowry’esque pot holes, eggy. Maybe Dingo should investigate incase there’s some DaDa about….but hey, potholes that even a road-savvy lady of leisure’s real flying machine of a beamer balks at?
      Ominous indeed, this may call for tea and sympathy ‘neath the orange tree soon ?!


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