Work No. 402; The Flags of Inconvenience ( II )

Flags of Inconvenience II
© 2010 by Dingo

( click through the vertical pavement to enlarge )


Available in a signed edition of x 20 Lightjet fine art prints on Kodak Endura
20″ x 18″
£325 ( unframed )


View a retrospective Quickview Flikr archive of London Dada works, 2005 – present

3 thoughts on “Work No. 402; The Flags of Inconvenience ( II )

    • Not sure, Doctor Dark sir – yet I ponder who can define what “real Dadaism” was… or is? Perhaps one should be more “weird and wonderful” just for the hell/shock of it… but that’s all been done.

      Guess we’re just flying by the seats of our dadaIStic pants, having a shot at putting something out that’s hopefully novel and original within an increasingly bland, stale and banal media, and not overly constricted by convention or subject to political neutering by dictatorial patrons such as the Arts Council.


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