Work 437; Tan Man

Tan Man
c. 2011 Michael St.Mark

Somewhat hastily snapped as he exits a bank and not entirely obvious here, brown-suited & booted Tan Man & car ( inside and out ) match-up nicely, complete with ginger comb-over. Cool unity!

8 thoughts on “Work 437; Tan Man

    • Maybe you’re suggesting too, Mick, that he could be so enamoured with that particular colour scheme, that he’s reluctant to change boxer shorts after a “happy accident”?
      He would be quite fertile material for a short story of sorts.


      • I strongly suspect his socks are…. brown, Maxie.
        After all, why would he spoil his look with the minor details when he’s already gone way OTT Autumnal with the major wardrobe, hair and the beamer?


    • Aye, his car was matched-up alright.
      Talking of, wondering what’s the chances he lives in a beige-furnished gingerbread house with a chocolate Labrador called Cadbury?

      If so, when he shouts “walkies”…… the dog wont be able to find him :))


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