5 thoughts on “Work No. 456; A drive-by shooting

  1. to me this says ‘morning after the night before’! The woman could be the victim of a kerb crawler by the looks of things, there she sits in her best shocking pink ‘pulling’ gear, obligatory phone glued to ear, handbag and can, of who knows what, dumped on the floor——-time to get a life methinks! 🙂


    • She was the lass running the empty nail bar salon on whose step she was sitting ( note hers, perfect scratch-yer-eyes-out’s rendered in a most fetching matching Barbara Cartland surgical pink. 🙂


  2. Cheers Mr N. Islander! I suppose this could be viewed as pervy but I doubt that was the primary intent. From what I gather Mr AA spotted the girl was sitting on the step of her empty nail bar salon, now closed of course. Even armed to the hilt with the color pink she still shut! Hard times these, even for that most persistent and resilient human trait – vanity.


  3. I love the composition. It’s exactly how it would look as the bloke saw her highlighted blond hair from a far driving down the street and then took that sneaky peek just to see what she looked like in more detail.
    Just started looking at your stuff, love your work.


  4. I thought, reading the title, that this would be another blood-soaked, conflict-ridden image.

    I’m glad the subject is easier on the eye. It’s a bit of a voyeuristic shot, though, don’t you think? Clearly the subject wasn’t aware it was being taken. Humorous though, because of the title.



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