DaDa work 457; Club Stab

club stab
Club Stab

c. Michael St.Mark 2010


( A novel approach to keeping trouble off’t streets – click for the full ‘grim oop noarth’ youth club experience )

” Evidently Chicken Town ” by JCC

or the Chris Eccleston movie version;

8 thoughts on “DaDa work 457; Club Stab

    • The Chris Eccleston film version is good too (new link above) .. think in his case tho, the performance drug of choice is the bog standard liquid refreshment of the alcoholic genre.. maybe plus a pro plus or ten 🙂


  1. grim ooop north is quite correct and as this photo shows ‘grimtown’ epitomises all that is ever written or said about life the other side of the Watford gap! —–you have to experience it to know!


    • Oh Aye, I know Anne, I know. Definitely the spirit of ” A f*ing bloke gets f*ing stabbed waiting for a f*ing cab..” ( from the poem Evidently Chicken Town ( Salford 1970s) by John Cooper Clarke. Definitely worth a YouTube search, that – utterly hilarious. )


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