Dada Work 458; This Green and Pleasant Land

 This Green and Pleasant Land
 c. Michael St.Mark 2011


Regimented consumerism forced upon an increasingly controlled and dumbed-down population in a state of sheep-like stasis, who are motivated only by the false promise of future “greener grass”.
Metaphor and multi-interpretation key word for the Work; “CAGED”

5 thoughts on “Dada Work 458; This Green and Pleasant Land

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  2. a brilliant observation Mike, i could see the mass consumerism aspect but admit the animal abuse in a caged environment didn’t immediately spring to mind, that could just be because i’m not as clever as you 🙂 Knowing how you feel about the abuse of animals, through the imprisonment and eventual consumption of them by humans, you have this post spot on, it certainly makes me think! In fact when i go supermarket shopping these days my hand hovers over foods such as bacon, sausages etc as i don’t want to put them in my trolley——your influence you see!


    • So long as there’s this barbaric & systematic industrial-scale animal imprisonment, torture and slaughter going on there’ll be no peace or happiness in society …. just an opinion, I gave up bothering to argue with dedicated carnivore junkies long ago.
      The only tentative advice I’d maybe still give is to at least try to steer clear of beef.
      Cow & calf-killing especially is out of tune with universal harmonics and so eventually attracts some pretty fearsome karmic reactions on the consumers… so I believe at any rate from all I’ve both read and seen.
      Checkout sometime 🙂


  3. The only good thing about supermarket shopping is the opportunity it presents for ‘people watching’. Some of the sights i see bending over the frozen peas are enough to put me off my tea, they are certainly making fashion statements but about 30 years out of date!


    • I know, you sent me some trailerpark super mart trash eg’s from the US – shocking to the max to behold!
      The regimented steel cage motifs repeated in the image are meant to symbolize peoples’ imprisonment in mass consumerism by a sterile, heartless profitatanycost-driven system; the widespread industrialized animal abuse in caged imprisonment that’s used to mass produce the meat that gets piled in the trolley cages… and lastly the steely footprints of mega wind farm developments and the unceasing march of fresh pylons, mobile phone masts etc that are gradually covering the entire UK countryside; hence the green and pleasant land pisstake….but I’m probably being way over-optimistic that many will get it or care to get it.


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