London Dada. Work 480; Romance is not Dead

Romance is not Dead
( just parked up somewhere scenic in a prehistoric Robin Reliant )

c. Michael St. Mark 2011


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5 thoughts on “London Dada. Work 480; Romance is not Dead

  1. What is it about watching the sea that people find so soothing? The movement? The sheer expanse? The fact that on some primal level we know we came from it and it will still be here long after we’ve gone?


  2. One little push and it’ll be in the sea!—–gosh i’m wicked aren’t i 😀 Wonder if they used to do their ‘courting’ on the back of a moped when they were young, and have graduated to this death trap in their twilight years? I’d have to be paid mega bucks to even contemplate getting inside a Robin Reliant never mind going for a drive!

    P/S nice seascape 😀


    • “One push and in the sea” .. yes you are extremely wicked Brianna!
      And oh I don’t know, the old Reliant has its odd good points, like being cheap to run, tax and insure. As long as you don’t mind, as you say, dicing with death and crossing oneself every time you hop in.
      A bit of a hilariously vain attempt to reach out for the motoring 5 stars with the brand however – initials RR!
      Nice try 🙂


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