8 thoughts on “Dada Work 481; The Littlest Terrorist

  1. Great hideout! I love the eclectic mix of brick/stonework in the buildings and the sheer narrowness of the street. I’d like to see some unlucky ‘security force’ try to kick in that bricked-up doorway at the bottom. What a great place!



    • It is, a great place.
      And they’d probably not even bother trying to kick in… drop a drone-launched bunker-buster through the roof from the other side of the world instead.
      Fearless them old yank marines y’ know!


  2. Good place to hide away from it all, no-one would bother you up there! Reminds me of that tiny house, over the bridge, in Ambleside—–except there’s no bridge of course 😀


      • Don’t know why i said that about Ambleside sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all than say something stupid—-then again stupid is my middle name!

        even though it looks like the perfect stronghold for Rupert Murdoch to be exiled in, to the poor people of Mumbai it would be a palace. ok,ok, i’ll shut up now 😀


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