Through the Lavatory Window, poem by John Horder

Through the Lavatory Window

John Horder

I see heaven
Through the lavatory window.
I see God
On the tips of the branches
In amongst the leaves of the branches,

I see God
Through the lavatory window.
He is mule-aching about
Amongst the trout
At the bottom of the sea.

He is a skirmisher:
You can see him too
In the flight of the jet
If you poke your head far enough out
Of the lavatory window.

Dadaist poet John Horder writes: “I mean to convey the unity of all life, the beautiful, and the squalid. The human condition is such that we are always looking outside ourselves for solutions to our transitoriness, our emptiness. The only way we can embrace it is from within. The poem is about embracing the smallest details of life and finding meaning in the most unlikely places.”

8 thoughts on “Through the Lavatory Window, poem by John Horder

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I have no idea what DaDa is about. But having read your blurb and this poem – it appears to be something I have an affinity for. Certainly the poem would be quite at home chatting with some of mine I think.

    Can you recommend specific posts in your blog for me to catch up on this? I have a shortish attention span – so something with pictures and/or poems would be super. Or do you think a search through your blogs on the term DaDa would do the trick? I’ll Google as well and see what emerges. Anyway glad I followed the link through from Maxie’s slurry post now. Always keen to fill in gaps in my education. 🙂


    • Hi banana, thanks for the interest .. not to worry at all it’s dada not to have any idea about what DaDa is about 🙂
      Re specific posts; try enter ” dada poems” and ” sumptious are the days” for some e.g.s from the New dAdarchive .. into the search box top left.
      Plus certainly feel free to enter something banana. Something un-usual?
      Post a link or text in messages.


  2. the ‘bog’ is a great place for sitting and thinking about stuff. No-one usually bothers you there and you are enclosed in your own little space, more than likely some great ideas from great men and women stared life in the ‘smallest room’.

    I love the poem, is there somewhere i can read more of his work?


    • Sure; in 2006 I dreamt up Infinitude II, London 2011 Olympic logo origin, whilst ruminating on the throne 😉

      John’s poetry books are out of print I think Mrs B; but you could try scouring google for..
      ” The child walks around its own grave ” , ” A Sense of Being” and ” Meher Baba and the Nothingness” .. it’s possible there are still copies for sale on Amazon.


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