Through the Lavatory Window, poem by John Horder

Through the Lavatory Window

John Horder

I see heaven
Through the lavatory window.
I see God
On the tips of the branches
In amongst the leaves of the branches,

I see God
Through the lavatory window.
He is mule-aching about
Amongst the trout
At the bottom of the sea.

He is a skirmisher:
You can see him too
In the flight of the jet
If you poke your head far enough out
Of the lavatory window.

Dadaist poet John Horder writes: “I mean to convey the unity of all life, the beautiful, and the squalid. The human condition is such that we are always looking outside ourselves for solutions to our transitoriness, our emptiness. The only way we can embrace it is from within. The poem is about embracing the smallest details of life and finding meaning in the most unlikely places.”