London Dada Work no. 496 – Turf War

Turf War
c. Michael St. Mark 2011

” You’re on my patch pal”
” No I’m not – you’re on mine..”


Update; Aug’ 2019 ( Twitter screenshot )




8 thoughts on “London Dada Work no. 496 – Turf War

  1. the nostrils of the obese! —i suddenly feel rather overweight and shall put back the brown bread i fancied for my supper and replace it with —–er, replace it with what i wonder? Everything fanciable has carbohydrates in it 😦


  2. yes, i’m sure you can, very clever play on words. Are there daily queues outside the new one near you? The two in town here seem to do very well, but you’ve only got to look at the state of the people to know ‘who ate all the pies!’ 😀


    • The one near me freshly opened has massive patio doors open to the street, fairly obviously to let the “come hither” trademark Greggs stench waft out and up passing obese nostrils.


  3. ha, ha! how right you are, so many people are getting fatter and fatter with no thought for their future health. Walk through any town or city centre and you will be hard pushed to find a person the right body size for their height and age.
    Frightening really.


    • Indeed, our bodies and minds are just not evolved to handle/control highly addictive refined carbohydrates in any volume.
      People are becoming far and away too ” Greggarious ” :))
      ( Can I TM that? )


  4. Viscious looking brutes aren’t they!

    I wonder what they are fighting over, can’t see any food about. They are probably the Ronnie and Reggies of the gull world, ‘get off my patch’ you ugly, feathered scum, i know where you nest!’ Your title is brilliant, certainly ‘fits the bill’ 😀 [sorry. couldn’t resist]


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