Work 497; They Who Have Seen the Light II – Pound Shop Plonker

They Who Have Seen the Light II –  Pound Shop Plonker.
c. Michael St.Mark 2011


.. latest in the series…. the artist can’t get his head around the “dress sense” of many lone stray guys wandering like lost souls around his neighbourhood, just of late.

Distinctly disturbing.

Ladies; you have my sympathy

7 thoughts on “Work 497; They Who Have Seen the Light II – Pound Shop Plonker

  1. Fluent Klingon eh, i bet even they would be unlikely to form an association with someone who looks like that!—-beam me up please, or at least send me to a retreat until men get some dress sense 😀


  2. Hmmm, he looks strangely familiar,i must have seen him in my local pound shop—-or closer to home even 😀

    It never ceases to amaze me what a motley collection of clothes men will go outside in, most of them i wouldn’t be seen wearing indoors never mind in public! Do men have no dress sense or are they just colourblind—–enlighten us please MR St M!


    • God knows, Brianna! …. all I can do is gape in disbelief from within the tinted ensconced leather luxury of my new Porker, at some of the fashion train wreck scraggles wandering around – Jesus H Christ in a fluorescent lime green track suit, there’s tons of material out n’ about. 😉

      Like an open sewer, this series will run&run :))

      ps “closer to home” what could you mean?


      • I’m sure you ‘know’ what i mean :D—– that outfit would be considered highly desirable to the ‘nameless one’! LOL.

        thank-goodness though that there are people who dress like this, as you can photograph them and we can get to laugh at them!


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