New Dada work 506; Aesthetic Antithesis 1 – Flatscreen wallmounts

dada mindopener24
Aesthetics Antitheses 1
( HD widescreen edition )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011


Flat Screen television wall mount brackets on display in-store at John Lewis from earlier this year. First in a new dAda series bringing to the viewer’s attention the intrinsic design purity of purely functional day-to-day items where no thought whatsoever  has gone into making the finished product in any sense fashionable or attractive. This, in itself lays bare the mechanical engineering processes behind the objects’ manufacture which are free from the limited constraints of time-honoured fashion or individual preference. Curiously, here they are also the very antithesis of the objects they are designed to support – hidden,  unwatched, un-noticed,  and utterly divorced from even remote social interaction. This, also in itself,  imbues the objects with an unconscious  power. ( The artwork itself is presented in HD widescreen format to invoke further intrigue )


8 thoughts on “New Dada work 506; Aesthetic Antithesis 1 – Flatscreen wallmounts

  1. Hmmm indeed! I’ve not heard that one before.

    I have heard about Psychics who can tell all about an object from merely holding it for a while. Then there are those who claim to be able to trace missing persons from just looking at their photograph or from handling an article of their clothing! —-if only it were so simple 😀


    • If only. Yet if that were true of course all missing persons would be found fairly easily. We can know a lot about truth and untruth merely by observing and deducing from what is happening in ordinary life.
      Think that’s what used to be known as common sense, a lost art long since relegated into mythology and ancient history books 😉


      • On the up n’ up, thank you young lady. Can’t let too much catt out of the Wolff Olins swag bag, as they patently do look in from time to time.

        Boy, have they got an Olympic stadium load to lose 🙂

        At any rate.. how goes it with yon decoration of Eggbod towers?


      • ‘Ello, Ello, Ello……….

        I sent you a text last night.

        The decoration of the hovel drags on relentlessly. I’ve got 2 meetings and then I’m off to Santorini next week.

        Switch yer bluddy mobile on and we can work out a mutually convenient time to catch up.


  2. It’s strange really but few of us do appreciate the function that ‘unseen’ objects carry out. If we were in a pub, for example, and there was a flatscreen tv on the wall who of us would think about how it was kept up there?—not many i would imagine.

    The brackets though are necessary to ‘complete’ the process and, as you rightly say, this gives them a power not overtly obvious to the viewer.

    This is part of the reason why i like apartments in old warehouses and mills as the they are in a ‘raw’ state, there may be remnants of what the building was used for, small,normally unseen but necessary components for the work to be carried out properly. It may be something as simple as a hook somewhere but there is a story behind it —–and i for one would want to know what it was 😀


    • Indeed Mrs B, the untrammelled simplicity and honesty of these largely unseen functional objects seem to carry extra appeal as our worlds become more and more artificial and image-driven … & there is, as you say, an additional element of interest when the objects are disused and/or dated.
      Psychics btw are said to be able to get an idea of the history associated with a relic simply by holding it a few seconds.

      Indeed, one has even likened the ” original state of God to a blackened and beaten-up old kitchen skillet”… hmmm!


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