Work No. 507; Baked Beans on Loam

Baked beans
on loam ( South Mimms, Herts )

c. 2011 Michael St. Mark

Out for a weekday amble, we pass a 3-acre field recently torched by some
idiot fire-starter.
On closer inspection the former crop is discovered to be Field Beans and..
a creative spark of sorts was struck


10 thoughts on “Work No. 507; Baked Beans on Loam

  1. Do you mean to say you actually tried the baked hard ones too? rather you than me!

    I somehow can’t visualise those blackened stumps on 2 slices of toast and swimming in tomato sauce—-i must be losing my creative thinking :-))))


    • Conditioned since childhood with a daily diet of baked beans commercials, as many of us probably are, a naive part of me expected the blackened pods to contain some soft succulent fare – only to find myself biting on tooth-snappingly hard beads.
      Goes to show TV ads really can (npi) succeed in their devious underhand mission,


  2. Baked Baked beans, now there’s a DadAa artwork to try.
    (Would advise to puncture the tops of the pile of cans before setting fire.)
    Send your pic/vid for upload as soon as.

    Meantime easy on the holiday Pinot Grigio 😉


    • Broad beans, Field beans, yes I think they were.
      ( “Vicia faba, the Broad Bean, Fava Bean, Field Bean, Bell Bean or Tic Bean, is a species of bean (Fabaceae) native to north Africa and southwest Asia, and extensively cultivated elsewhere” – Wiki)

      The beans (green) I sampled that escaped the inferno were quite ripe and tasty, the baked ones hard as rock – Lord knows how Heinz sell so many tins full.


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