London Dada Work 511; The Menace of Dennis.

The Menace of Dennis
The Menace of Dennis
Michael St.Mark 2011

For those old enough to remember The Beano comic.

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9 thoughts on “London Dada Work 511; The Menace of Dennis.

  1. Fantastic! Billy Bunter masquerading as Dennis the Menace.

    He appears to be rather close to you so no wonder you felt threatened that a ‘cut up’ was on the cards. Did he realise you were photographing him?—or were you using your ‘look one way but it takes the photo another way’ camera? :))


    • No, just the sony cybershot pointandshoot dinky.
      No time to think, just “pointed and shot” ( erm, as it were ), Mrs B.
      But I definitely felt ‘the menace’ from ‘Dennis’ ( somehow an apt name- association for a biker from that era ).


  2. Yes, of COURSE I know about Dennis the Menace. The real Dennis was lovely. A very clued up kid, and not unlike me. So, I get the stripey top bit.
    I’m not a driver now, but I was – for 30 years. I guess then that this wannabedennis was getting in the way of your van a bit. Right?
    A x


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